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Katie Luense using the It Works Global Facial Wrap

Yes, that is me with an It Works Facial Wrap on my face. I love these Face Wraps for two reasons:

  • I get to look years younger because, my face becomes tighter and toned!
  • I get to scare my husband and make my kids laugh at me!

LOL, Yes, that is the price of beauty! Any way, It was Sunday evening and I needed a little me time.

You know the drill, we take care of everybody else but ourselves and sometimes we just need to give ourselves a little TLC. So, I cut & colored my hair, gave myself a Vitamin C chemical peel, and then wrapped my face using the It Works Facial applicator.

It felt so good pampering myself, so I had my daughter Danni (13) take the photo to share my face wrapping experience with you! While I waited the 45 minutes for the facial applicator to do its job, I enjoyed some bottled water and a shaker bottle full of my Greens on the Go™ - Orange. I alkalized, energized, and detoxified with my Greens on the Go™. Order your Greens on the Go™ by clicking here -> https://bodywrapmenow.myitworks.com/Shop/Product/932

I will be honest, I was a little hesitant to share this experience with you because I even scared myself in the mirror.

But, hey IT WORKS! I am 47 years young and if I did not do my facial wraps I would look my age.

Who in their right mind wants to do that? Not I! So, if you want to pamper yourself why not give yourself a 45 minute facial wrap and erase years off of your face! What ya waiting for? You know that you deserve it! Order yours by clicking here ->  https://bodywrapmenow.myitworks.com/Shop/Product/42


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