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How to Get Your Body Alkaline to Improve Your Health and Gain More Energy


Healing your body from illnesses and diseases is known to be attainable by alkalizing your body. Your body is bought into an inflammatory state by becoming acidic and stressed.

 Putting highly acidic foods into our body can cause our health to deteriorate; and our bodies to aggressively age.

The foods we eat are over cooked, high in fat and full of salt; these foods are highly acidic. The foods that are alkaline are raw fruits and vegetables; some more alkalized than others.

Water is very good for you but the average water is neutral. Alkalized (Ionized) water is good for your but more costly.

Benefits of a Alkalized Body
•    Energized
•    Weight Loss
•    Better sleep
•    Improved Health

Our body has to have a ph balance of at least 7.2 to be in its optimal state. We can buy ph strips from the nearest drug store to test our ph balance. Eating highly alkaline foods and liquids will restore our bodies into the magnificent machines they were designed to be. Just imagine having more mobility, less pain and increased energy? This is what a perfectly balanced body can do for you.

How to Alkaline Your Body

Cutting back on foods that are acids, increasing the foods that are alkaline and doing stress relieving exercises will improve your health dramatically. Most of the foods and snacks we eat are acidic; avoiding those foods. Increasing your alkalized vegetables and fruits 80% will restore and maintain your body in an alkaline state.

Acidic Inflammatory Foods
•    Soda
•    Fast Food
•    Fried Foods
•    Baked Foods
•    Sugary Drinks
•    Over cooked foods

Foods that Alkalize Your Body

•    Raisins
•    Apricots
•    Bananas
•    Green Cabbage
•    Celery
•    Broccoli
•    Grasses

Alkalizing your body will turn your body into a healthy fat burning sexy machine with loads of energy. The only thing you will have to do is put the right foods into your body on a daily basis. I know this sounds hard. No worries learn more about easier ways to alkaline your body.]



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