💲Just a little inside look👀 at what I do:

Stranger: I love your boots!👢Where did you get them? 
Me: Thank you! I found them at JustFab on sale!
She goes to Just Fab & buys the boots...
My check: $0.00

Friend: I love your ring! 💍 Where did you get it? 
Me: Thanks! Kay jewelers! they have such great quality jewelry and they stand behind their products if something happens to it! 
She goes to Kay and buys the ring. 
My check: $0.00

Friend: You look fabulous and confident, you're chill and energetic, and you're always on an adventure it seems! 🚀What's your secret? 👀 
Me: Funny story! Its actually this Crazy Wrap business that has changed my life💃🏻
Friend: Oh really? What's a crazy wrap thing?
Me: Here, let me show you! (Insert coupon in hand). She goes to my ItWorks website and becomes a Customer or joins my booming team!📲
My check: 💸💸💸💸💸

I do NOTHING but SHARE how ItWorks Global has changed my life and tell people where to get these FABULOUS products!!!🔥🔥 Then I teach others to do the same. 👫👭👬
I'm not a salesperson 🚫... I am a SHARE-PERSON! I share about ANY product/place/thing I LOVE! It really is that simple! 💁 I am not selling, I am sharing 🎯
If only every company would pay me to share their products that I love! Lifestyle at its best.


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